Things That Happened

by Shannon

I have a (bad?) habit of writing about a billion things at once. This, combined with work, class, and homework, not to mention procrastination, means that while I generally am working on things, they take so long that they only rarely get completed. During the semester, I barely touched anything other than homework. I think I spent the past few months in my car or the library more often than in my own home.

One bright side of my ridiculous writing habits is that a few things are shaping up to finish all at once. And all of those things are related! You may remember me talking about a “Ghost Town” collection of short fiction. This is a ‘shared universe’ for a set of related short stories, all with magic realism influenced supernatural themes and the same overall cast of characters, in the same setting. I finally finished one of the drafts, and another one follows close behind, with a number of others in various stages of progress to come later.

I created a secondary blog to house these stories, since they all go together. If you are interested, you can follow Ghost Town. I have not posted any fiction yet, but you can find a project description as well as a character guide that may be of interest. I would like to add portraits to the character guide, but I have to learn to draw first, which, considering I have enough trouble finishing the stories, may not be the most productive idea.

If you don’t want to follow that blog, I will probably link the stories on here when I post them. A small part of me has been toying with the idea of submitting one of them to Snake Oil Cure, since they seem to have reached a point of desperation and shameless begging for fiction, but the rest of me knows that I have no business seeking that kind of validation when I should be focusing on my own satisfaction first. That, and since the stories are interconnected, I don’t know how well they would read out of context. Which actually is also a concern for the blog, since at least for the first few stories the “context” is my own head, but I’m telling myself that it’s my blog so that doesn’t count.

ANYHOOT. This and summer courses will be consuming most of my attention for the foreseeable future, but I will try to document and share any other events or thoughts of reasonable note, rather than dropping off the face of the earth.

ETA: What’s with that new (or new to me) posting format that’s integrated with the rest of the blog (like at the top of the screen) and why does it not allow me to categorize?