Tam Lin, and other project ideas.

by Shannon

I really want to turn this song into a story. I have for ages, really, but especially since Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer came out with “Child Ballads.” Their rendition is especially beautiful. I think it is something about their delicate harmonies, fingerstyle, and the unconventionally tragic love story.

I almost want to say that I can’t decide between making it urban fantasy and traditional, but that’s not quite true. Rather, I think I want a sort of balance. I am picturing a copse of trees along a highway, litter and weeds giving way to something brighter and more wicked.

I have been thinking of doing a collection of stories based on the Child Ballads (not just the ones on the album) and I think it could be really interesting. But I also wonder how many times one can write tragic love stories before they become redundant. Though I suppose that it’s an enduring trope for a reason. Not to mention, it’s probably all in the adaptation.

I keep promising fiction and not posting it. But it’s the busiest time of the semester and rather hard to spend consistent focus. The death girl story will likely still be first, or else the one with Caedon and the ghost bar, both of which I have talked about. Also, I promised Katie one about a zombie-friendly post-apocalyptic coffee shop.

I don’t know if I’ll post my “Icarus” poem here or not. I may be compelled to submit it to the university literary magazine, but some of the feedback I received made me wonder if it doesn’t have potential to be submitted elsewhere.

I may or may not have new friends reading. If so, hello! If not, well, hello anyway?

I don’t know where I’m going with this. It’s difficult to concentrate when your family has police standoffs blaring on the television at about a thousand decibels.