a wolf in geek’s clothing

by Shannon

Summer Block Party Crowd 8/6

photo by Stephen Eckert of Radio 104.5

This weekend was unusually eventful, considering the slow pattern of my life. I failed to go visit Kristen and Joe at their moving/yard sale yesterday like I had originally intended. I had plans with Kayla that afternoon, and minor things around the house just took a lot longer than I figured they would. Well, that and I had a leisurely two mugs of black coffee with my family after waking up later than I planned, but we won’t talk about that. I feel kind of regretful about this, because they are moving very soon, and I haven’t been a good friend at all when it comes to actually making attempts to see people. Kristen and Joe specifically live very close to me, at least with respect to the distances of most of my other friends, so I really have no excuse other than being lazy.

I hadn’t seen Kayla in ages. We have been friends since the first week of high school, when I was stuck in a lunch period with nobody I knew or wanted to know, and she and her friend were the least intimidating in the cafeteria. We lost touch for a while in college, but life is settling down for everyone. It seems that leaving student life behind inspires people to reconnect with their older friends. Maybe it’s just that, not having everyone live so close, returning home, you begin to seek out the friends you associate with the previous part of your life that took place there? I’m not sure, exactly, but we all seem to be in similar situations, losing more friends than we are gaining, and generally treading water in life.

She came over for lunch before the Radio 104.5 August Summer Block Party, which consisted of a local band called Panic Years, as well as The Naked and Famous, and The Airborne Toxic Event. We met Tess, Tess’ sister, Zack, and a few of their friends, though they arrived late and had to push and shove to get to what, after a few consecutive attendances, has unofficially become ‘our spot.’ The show as a whole was pretty brilliant. The weather was perfect, even with the rain, and they blew the PA three separate times. We got a spot right by the barrier, as usual, right in front of a giant cabinet. My ears are still ringing! With the history of hearing loss in my family, I really should invest in a pair of earplugs. I’m kind of bummed about this fact, because even if the ringing is annoying, I love getting swept away by the deluge of sound that a good concert brings. Still, I’d like to continue enjoying that for the rest of my life, so I suppose I should be responsible and buy some musician’s earplugs to wear in those circumstances. I only have one more block party to attend, though! The final one is in September, and will feature Ed Kowalczyk, opened by GROUPLOVE and local gem Desoto Jones, and then I will spend all of the colder months mourning this monthly routine.

Anyway, Kayla and I had caught the R5 in from Downingtown, so when we got back we got a late dinner at Station Taproom across the street. Really this was an excuse for me to go, as it’s definitely one of my favorite local places, if not number one. It’s a small but immaculate bar right on the corner across from the train station, with a beer snob’s wet dream tap list as well as good beer and liquor and what is definitely NOT a bar menu. I ate maybe the best veggie burger ever and even got my beer paid for by Kayla’s cousins, which was really wonderful of them.

Today I didn’t accomplish quite so much, but my father, my sister and I all did a good length of the Struble Trail this afternoon (about five miles altogether, there and back) and my dad and I managed to agree to what will hopefully become a gym routine this September. I need a partner, or I will always eventually cave to my own lethargy and lack of self discipline. I also made a private vow to start setting my alarm (even on days off!) and starting my days with yoga. I used to do this when I was in school, and I never felt better. It’s a habit I really need to get into. I will let you know if this vow materializes into any kind of positive action.

Other things I have yet to accomplish: Camp Nano! I am still pitifully sitting at somewhere around 5k, and I should be well beyond that. Oh well. One of the few perks of my long periods of unemployment is that I can catch up tomorrow, or at least get close. Maybe next time I update, I will be on target!