I am soulless.

by Shannon

I’m told that I should begin including pictures in my posts. This one kind of reflects how I’ve been lately. A dark lighthouse, tired, gloomy, wet. I finished moving out of my old apartment (thank goodness) so that means less driving back and forth. It also means less friends. Not “fewer,” just… less. Qualitatively.

Also, apparently, less writing. I wrote a poem yesterday and today while I was at work. There’s nothing really like trying to write something that will get your coworkers to start assigning you random bullshit. Not that I can really complain about having to do my job… but I’d like not to hate it, I guess? I’m kind of in the process of resigning myself to a life of mediocrity and employment-hating. Really, there are worse things. At least I CAN write, regardless of where I’m working. It’s just that lately I’ve been exhausted for no reason. I come home and it’s like my soul got sucked out through my nose.

Still, new poem aside, I feel I have been extraordinarily unproductive for the past few weeks. I know this isn’t really true–I did write a decent portion of a new short story, but half a story, resurrecting an old incomplete story, and one poem? Hardly prolific. I wish I were one of those writers. I wish I always had time and energy to produce great things. I DO have the time, but I am possessed by the demon of lethargy and can barely find it in me to do more than stare at the ceiling and wish I could bother.

Anyway. Today, it rained. It was cold, and I sat in a dank office and counted down the hours until my escape. I feel bad, because there are a few people I like, but mostly I just can’t wait to get out of there. It doesn’t help that I get assignments like, “organize this drawer,” and am then forbidden to get rid of anything at all.

I submitted poetry two more places, but haven’t heard back from either. Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed!

These entries are gradually becoming more personal, and I don’t know why. Don’t I have a Livejournal for this? I always meant this to be a more professional blog, and here I go.

At any rate, head on over to the “Writing Prompts” page linked above. I added three: one regular prompt, one music prompt, and one image. Complete any of them and send it to me, and I will make you a Featured Writer!